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    • How can I contact the hotel?

      Our reservation center will take care of each of your request or any issues that you face. You may contact them through the numbers displayed on top of the page or email.

    • What is the maximum occupancy of a room?

      The maximum occupancy of a room will always be highlighted on the hotel detail page, beside each type of room.

    • What is a star rating?

      Star ratings indicate the quality, service and facilities of the hotels. The criteria required to rate hotels vary from country to country.

    • How can I differentiate between 1,2,3,4 and 5 star category hotels?

      The category varies from country to country. However, this is a basic guide to know what to expect from the hotels. 1 – Generally small, independently owned properties. Hotels will offer a minimum of facilities and simple accommodations. 2 – Small to medium owned properties. Hotels will provide more facilities than 1 star hotels. Meals and drinks can be provided on requests. Air Conditioning systems may be available. 3 – Properties with more staff for service and to answer your needs. Rooms are more spacious and offer better facilities. Internet is available for free as is the AC. Room service and restaurant are most likely available on the premises. 4 – Hotels from this category are generally large hotels and offer above average services and facilities. Rooms are well furnished and provide comfortable large beds and sitting areas as well as minibars. Bathrooms provide bathrobe, slippers and toiletries. 5 – Luxurious hotels, providing utmost and seamless experience to its customers in terms of service and facilities. The hotel features top quality facilities, ranging from swimming pool, spa to gourmet restaurants.

    • How are children accommodated in hotel rooms?

      This varies per hotel and is in most cases dependent on the age of the children. Policies regarding additional beds on rooms are displayed on the hotel's page on our website. Contact our reservation center to answer any specific questions for your personal situation.

    • How can we request for additional beds/cots in the room?

      Additional beds can be requested under “Special Request” box when booking your hotel.

    • Which ID proofs are accepted at the hotels?

      National ID Card, Driving License, Passport, etc

    • Why can’t I see the hotel’s phone number and email address?

      We pride ourselves on our customer service. By dealing with us and letting us do the talking to the hotels it means you always know what to expect.

    • Is breakfast included in the price?

      Some hotels may or may not include the price of breakfast. You can find it written in the hotel description.

  • Flights
    • Can I book flight ticket without a credit card?

      Yes you can, By using Mobile Banking or Internet Banking that supported by sslcommerz

    • What should I do if I do not receive email confirmation?

      If the email confirmation does not appear in your inbox or spam folder soon after you complete the booking, then contact our customer care at +8809666-770099, +8801830-888333 immediately. A customer care representative should be able to make sure you get a confirmation with all of the details of your service.

    • Can you please let me know the refund policy for flight?

      We follow the airlines refund policy. And airlines have different policies for different flights. We'll be able to let you know the refund policy after the selection of a fixed flight.

    • Can I book flight tickets and make the payment later?

      We are sorry to say that, it is not possible for us to book the flight tickets for you. You need to purchase the tickets online instantly by paying the amount.

    • Can I have a hard-copy receipt sent by post?

      We do not send hard copy receipts by post. We will send you an E-mail containing all of your booking details and confirmation. Additionally, the My Reservations page will also contain all of your booking details.

    • Why the airfare increased?

      Airfare fluctuates a lot without prior notice according to airlines policy. As the flight was not booked earlier, the fare increased suddenly. We cannot assure if you after sometime, you will get the same price as it is showing now or not. It may change anytime.

    • What is acceptable as Photo ID?

      According CAAB, providing photo ID during your flight is mandatory. For NOVOAIR domestic flight, you may provide National ID, Driving License, Passport, Official/Student ID or any kind of ID card with Photo and name is mentioned.

    • Can I travel with a pet?

      Carriage of pets in Passenger Cabin is NOT allowed at present condition. However, domestic pets may be carried in the freight hold of the aircraft subject to fulfillment of conditions as set forth in the articles 3.8.1 to 3.8.10 of "Aviation Public Health Manual", CAAB.

    • If I book online, how do I get my ticket?

      If you book online, you will receive an electronic ticket (also referred to as an ‘eticket’) by email to the address you provided when during the booking process.

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